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I have my first meeting with my adoption worker today.  I have so many questions.  It is very exciting.  Scary too.


Company’s coming cleaning

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So, here’s the scoop.  I’m a company’s coming cleaner.  I can overlook the most heinous of messes (like the raspberry jam splotch on the floor, laundry mountain in my room, and the snowshoes on the dining room table) for extended periods…unless someone is coming for a visit.

I live by myself and have a serious case of CHAOS (can’t have anyone over syndrome).  I rarely have guests – and they all know to give me lots of notice.  And I know this about myself.  I know I would live a much better life if I just cleaned all the time – but I need a big shove in the right direction and company is that shove.  Any company.

The fire marshal is doing fire alarm testing in the building today.

Yes, I cleaned house for the fire marshal.  My house is definitely not perfect, but it sure is a heck of a lot better than it was on Friday night when the notices went up. It was just the nudge I needed to get me to do it.

It is nice to live like a grown up.   And I could have someone over (like the Adoption people??) and not be completely shamed by my own slobbery.  That is, as long as they don’t look in the second bedroom.  =)

Saturday reading

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Random Saturday notes:

  • It takes 21 days to change a habit.  Meg Duerksen’s post today was about a 21 day challenge.  The appeal of losing any weight in 21 days is pretty high.  Do I have the guts to commit to doing one of my exercise videos (just 20 – 30 minutes) every day until Feb 22?  If the tests turn out badly, it can only help.
  • On that… my doctor called.  Just to reassure me.  I love her more and more.   If the second mammogram turns out badly, I’m happy to put myself in her hands.  (I divorced my other doctor for a lot of reasons, but the number one was a lack of communication).  I am blessed to have met Dr. Melissa.
  • Crocheted Valentine Hearts are cute. I’m going to another camp this summer.  Last year I made flowers as my traders at camp …maybe hearts would be good this year.  I have a bunch of flowers left, so I may just use those.

  • Have you started reading magazines FOR FREE through your public library?    I can’t get over how much I love having magazines available on my tablet.  Thanks Kerry K. Taylor and  for your post.  January 12 (when the Zinio post came out) was a light bulb day in my life.

today is a new day

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I’m arguing with a web site at work – I want it to look one way and the program I’m using disagrees.  I will win, but my co-workers are either concerned or enjoying watching me yell at a web site.  I’m not saying I’m over the shock of yesterday’s call… even if it is nothing (there are so many things that point to nothing…and if it is something, then the chances are really good that it’ll be fine eventually). But it gives you a brush with your mortality.  I’m not so much a fan of that.

But onward and upward.  The pantry I’ve been wanting has just gone on sale.  That’s a good sign that today is a new day and that I’m meant to get on with the task of living my life.

Oh Crap

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Um… well… I had my first mammogram ever on Monday.  I just got a call to go back and have more tests.  I’m freaked.  I’m really freaked.  But I don’t want to tell anyone that I’m freaked, because I’m the one that never gets freaked.  What if the tests say bad things?  What if I am sick?

How do I plan my way out of that one?  I’m going to clean my house.

Live like a grown up

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It is a weird thing I have fallen in to.  I’ve never been a particularly tidy person – I’m clean, but tidy isn’t my strong suit.  And that’s been ok.  I live by myself and haven’t needed to explain to anyone why there are more empty hangers in the closet than ones with clothes on them (and why there is a clean laundry mountain on the coffee table).  Or why there’s camping stuff in the middle of the living room floor.  Or why there’s a sewing machine and a bunch of cookie sheets on my dining room table.  But now that I may be having some supervision from CAS in my world, none of that is really acceptable.  It is daunting.  But the thing I know is that this is important.

I will live a better life if I live like a tidy grown up.  If I am able to adopt, I’ll be able to be a better example to my child. This article Unclutterer: Benefits of being organized reminds me of the things I will gain if I just get my act together.  And Mrs. January reminds me to eat the frog.  Stop procrastinating and just do this.

Rotator Cuff Resources

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Dude, my shoulder hurts. Here’s hoping something like this helps.  Summit Medical Group Exercises

Or this

Of course, I need to actually do the exercises.